06 June 2011


This weekend was all about celebrations.

The first was that of MIT's 150th Anniversary.  We didn't attend, but we could see the festivities out of our window.
MIT 150
The Prudential Building in Boston was lit up in celebration, and the fireworks were pretty fun to try and catch on camera.

The second celebration included two adorable babies being born to close friends. The hubby helped me make their gifts (i.e. he cut while I sewed, I take that as a BIG help).

I figure twin boys will need a LOT of slobber control, so the new parents received a collection of bibs and burp cloths.
burp cloths
They are quilting cotton on one side, and cotton flannel on the other side.  I went for non-pastel colors, which the parents seemed to appreciate.  The twins also each got a stuffed turtle with their initials on it.
For the bib, I used a pattern from here.  The burp cloth pattern I created, and you can find that right here.

And eyes like these make me want kids too (in a few years).
twin A

In the meantime, we can visit our new little friends. And I can make them gifts.

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