13 June 2011

No sewing this weekend

This weekend was a special occasion.  My husband actually took a day off from work.  The first one he's had since the beginning of January.  And so we had an entire day just to hang out, which meant I did not sew anything.

The day started with an amazing breakfast.
Homemade whole wheat waffles with berries and freshly whipped cream, cappuccinos, and strawberry mimosas. We also had bacon (I need my savory component with every meal). And we watched Fantasia.

We then went to check out the Chihuly exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts here in Boston.  It is absolutely amazing.  Beautiful glass creations in some of the most vivid colors and textures, and with such intricate details.
Many of the displays were huge pieces, 30-50 feet in length or height.

And although I didn't get to sew anything, I did wear quite a few of my creations on Saturday.

Here is my trench coat, which is almost finished (I still need to make the removable hood).
I gave it an orange silk lining, which makes rainy days more pleasant. And the purse on my shoulder I made large enough to hold my DSLR camera in a padded compartment.

And under my coat, I wore a blue skirt I made a last year.
It was the first skirt I ever made, and I did it without any pattern or know-how, but it worked out okay.

I even hand-knotted the pearl necklace I was wearing.
pearl necklace
It was one of two necklaces I made for my wedding last year, because I really wanted greyish-silver pearls and couldn't find any necklaces I liked, so I bought some pearls I liked and made my own.

After the museum, we got dressed up and went to Craigie on Main for a fancy dinner, and it really was as good as all the hype it's received lately.

All-in-all, it was a great day, and a fun weekend, even without any sewing.

How was your weekend?

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