17 June 2011

Summer Essentials

I signed up for the Summer Essentials Sew-Along this year, because it  coincides with my other goal, which is to have a nice collection of cruise-worthy clothes for a big trip my husband and I are planning at the end of the year. 

I have a pretty big list of what I want for the cruise, which included the sunhat I already made and some comfy slippers that look more like shoes which are also finished and have already gotten a lot of wear.
slippers with canvas bottoms for durability
My priorities for the summer are:
1. Shorts:  I've been working to draft a shorts pattern off my favorite RTW shorts, and I want to make a few pairs this year.  I have already made one wearable muslin that is pretty close, just a little bit big in the waist.
drafted shorts
2. Shirts:  I really need shirts. I don't have any patterns in mind, but I am always looking for ideas.
3. Summer Jacket:  I've already shared the beginnings of my linen jacket, which will hopefully be perfect for summer nights.  I am practicing some couture techniques on this jacket (a la Claire Shaeffer), which means there is a lot of handsewing, which is slow-going for me.

linen jacket in progress
linen jacket in progress
4. Poolside pretties:  I already made one bathing suit "muslin", and now I just need to make a few tweaks and churn out the real thing. Also, a caftan cover-up!  I have the fabric for it, and I was thinking of going for something dramatic (a la weekend designer).
oscar de la renta caftan via weekend designer
I have more planned than just those things listed (like a multitude of bags for carrying my DSLR camera discreetly, of which a couple designs are almost finished; also, shorts for the hubby - his big butt doesn't fit into store-bought shorts easily), that I hope to share soon.

Do you have any plans for summer sewing?

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  1. The shorts look great! I'm trying to crank out a few things for the Summer Essentials Sew-Along before I leave for Europe on Friday. I'd like to make a pair of shorts, but it's really intimidating! Yours are super inspiring!


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