08 June 2011

jewel-toned wallet clutch

My wallet was getting worn out, and I was getting tired of reaching for it, my keys, and my phone separately when running out the door.  Because inevitably I forget one of them some of the time.

So my solution was to make a wallet clutch, that is just large enough to house my cell phone and my keys.  And a pen.  And maybe a checkbook when necessary.

And by using fabric scraps I had on hand, I came up with this jewel-toned version made of a really thick canvas on the outside, a quilting weight cotton on the inside, some funky-colored zips, and a touch of a beautiful cotton voile designed by Anna Maria Horner.

It has 2 credit card pockets for holding all my IDs and cards, and a zipper pocket for cash and loose change.  The outer zipper closure keeps everything nice and secure, while the flap with magnetic snap adds another level of security, and easy access when the zip is left open.

This canvas was SO HARD to sew in the past when I was using Sophie, my Brother sewing machine.  But this time I used Veronica, and she handled this stuff like it was nothing.  I've never had such perfect stitching through 3-4 layers of ridiculously stiff canvas.
And the best part is that now that she is done, I have an indestructible wallet, that will take much more than a few months of abuse before needing replacement.  And that will keep my keys and phone safely stowed.  

I think it's a pretty useful design, and I hope to share it very soon.


  1. Very nice!
    Isn't it amazing that the older machines handle the thicker materials better than the newer machines?
    I like the different colors of your new clutch too!


  2. This is wonderful! EXACTLY what I've been searching for!!!
    You don't happen to work on commission by any chance or have a pattern you are willing to sell??


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