28 June 2011

I must love my sister...

...because the past couple weeks were spent was designing and assembling the invitations for her upcoming wedding.  And she didn't ask for simple invites.
invite front
She requested invites with almost a dozen separate pieces, and I tried to deliver as best I could. It's all on Stardream paper (thick, sparkly cardstock - though you can't really tell in the pictures) with Bickham Script and Copperplate text.  I had to use 3 different types of adhesives to hold all the pieces together, and the final invitations weighed almost a 1/4 lb each when I took them to the post office to mail.
I think they turned out pretty well, but more importantly, my sister seemed pleased with the final results.

I've also been working on sewing my mom's dress for my sister's wedding, and it's almost finished.

Oh the things you do for family (though I do love the feeling of being helpful and useful).

I haven't been able to do much sewing the past couple weeks (see above distraction), but I have a load of ideas for some new bag designs, and with the feedback I received so far from my sunhat pattern, I hope to work on a few new patterns in coming weeks.

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