28 April 2011

For Mom

UPDATE: You can now download this pattern here

Mother's Day is approaching and my mother already has her gift in hand.
It's a sun hat!  Well, really it is a sun and rain hat (a quick spray with Scotch-guard makes it water resistant).

And it has just the right amount of floppy to easily fold up into a small travel pouch so that it can go anywhere!

I made it so that she could use it while gardening and take it on vacation, and always have head protection.

I've always been a hat person, but I hate how most hats cannot travel well, and that was what motivated this hat.  It was an easy pattern to make, a fun test of my geometry skills, a rewarding product.

I liked it so much, that I made myself one too!


  1. I am here via Craft Gossip.
    Very cute!! Endless possibilites with different materials.


  2. Visiting from Craft gossip. Thanks for sharing! I am going to try this one. I agree, most hats do not travel very well.

  3. I love it! I have to make one for the summer!

  4. Lorenna, this is a great pattern! Thanks! I have made one today and will be making a bunch more! Will try to get pix taken and posted.

  5. I found your pattern through Sew Mama Sew and I love it. I saw a friend's mom with a hat like this and asked where she purchased it because I am in need of a cute hat to wear while waiting during soccer practice. Thanks again - now let's see if I can sew it!

  6. found you from sew mama sew

    ADORE the hat! Making on for MY mom, myself, and my daughter! PINned it too.

    Thanks for the cute pattern!

  7. Found you through BurdaStyle. Love the hat! I'm going to make some for my friends and me. Weeee!

  8. Great hat and so easy to take with you! Thank you for the tutorial too.

  9. Amei!!! Eu vi uma garota com um chapéu na praia e adorei, decidi que queria fazer um, e pesquisando encontri seu molde maravilhoso.
    Visite meu blog e conheça meus trabalhos também.
    Até mais.

  10. I loved! I saw a girl with a hat on the beach and loved it, I decided I wanted to do one, researching and found your wonderful cast.
    Thank you!
    Visit my blog and know my work well.
    See you soon.

  11. Great pattern & tutorial! I need a hat that travels. Going to Cuba in February...so excited!
    I pinned this so I won't lose it.
    Thanks so much!!

  12. This hat is not only easy to make, but its cute too. I made one the same day I found the pattern. I love it and have recieved lots of complements.

  13. Love the hat pattern - am wondering where the brim falls when wearing it. I need something that will cover the back of my neck and maybe even a bit of my back- I spend a lot of time gardening and mowing and need to keep the sun at bay. Would it just be as simple to make the brim wider at the outer edge.

  14. Thank you for the pattern. Perfect setting for Hot sun in Malaysia

  15. This is a great pattern, but no one has mentioned that it calls for 2 Rims to be cut from the main fabric and 1/2 yard of main fabric is not enough. Also, the drawing of pattern placement only shows one rim being cut.

  16. Will be making 2 one from water resistant fabrics for the rain and another from something light for the summer.

    Thanks for the pattern!

  17. Thank you for the pattern. Perfect setting for Hot sun in Portugal in Summer 2013.

  18. Thank you for this pattern. I'm going to sew it!!!

  19. I need to make the hat to fit 24"
    how can I do that?

  20. Thanks so much for the pattern. Unfortuntionally, I just came home from the beach. Will be ready for the next trip.


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  23. I LOVE this pattern. I've made 3 of them so far. I love that it's reversible. you can have a practicle side, and a fun side. I've just blogged about mine latest one http://thatssewvenice.blogspot.ca/2016/05/sun-hat.html

    1. thanks for the picture - gave me more idea of the width of the brim...

  24. Ive always been a hat person and so I absolutely love the designs of your hats as well as the neat trimmings. Thanks for the share!http://www.essay-services-review.com/

  25. I HAVE to tell you. I've never used a pattern before, and I've never sewn a hat, but I made this this afternoon! <3 Thank you SO MUCH for making it so easy to follow. I wish I could post a pic to show you that it TOTALLY WORKED!!


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