14 April 2011


These are famous first words for anyone who has ever taken a computer class.
CNC toast...I know...nerdy

I've taken plenty of them...after all, I am an engineer.  But I used to want to be a fashion designer.  At least, that is what one of my sisters always reminds me.  I sewed a lot of Barbie clothes when I was little and designed clothes on paper as a teenager.  But then reality got the best of me.  And I wanted to be an architect.  But I only wanted to design my house, and not everyone else's.  So I switched to engineering.  And then I worked in the pharma industry.  And now I find myself doing research in the field of biological engineering and not completely satisfied.

The most difficult part of working in the medical industry is the amount of time between researching an idea and having it reach clinical practice (which takes 10 years minimum with all the FDA regulations).  I want to be able to see projects to completion. To succeed in creating things that can make a tangible difference.  Even a small one.  Even just to me.

So this is the beginning of a journey for me, into a world which to this point I have been too afraid of failure to venture into... a creative world.

let's see how it goes...

1 comment

  1. Fashion is definitely a fast paced world, I can't imagine something taking 10 years (at the least) to become a reality! Good luck:)


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