14 February 2012


My husband knows my rules regarding Valentine's Day well.
No flowers, candy, stuffed animals, cards... nothing that comes from a store.
No eating dinner out on the 14th either.

I'm sure he loves it because it means he has an excuse to completely forget the holiday without repercussion.  How many guys are that lucky?

But he didn't forget.

v day
He made me flowers out of some red napkins.

And they are more precious than any flower he could have bought.

That makes me feel pretty lucky.

And pretty loved...

Happy Valentine's Day!

09 February 2012

In progress

A scarf for me!!!
It will be the first one I have made and kept for myself.
i picked colorful yarns that would coordinate well with both of my hats!

I chose 2 colorways by Araucania, 70% wool and 30% silk, hand-dyed in Chile.
So soft, and not a single bit of itchiness.
I love working with it in my hands.  

What are you working on?
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