27 April 2011

I am a nerd...

...and my new laptop case proves it!

I just got a new 11" macbook air to help with all my sewing design efforts, and it desperately needed a case.  I have made a lot of laptop cases (we have 5 laptops between my husband and I), but this one needed to be special.  It needed to reflect my inner being.

It needed to spell my name in binary and define my laptop's composition.
Well, it defines the composition of air.  and it is a macbook AIR.

and it needed to look like something other than a laptop case.  so how about a school notebook from the 80's?  One with graph paper?  and a pocket that resembles an old school pencil case?

it also needed to have humor built into the bottom.

and it needed to stay in place to disguise my laptop even when in use.

and easily close around my laptop when not in use.

and so my laptop case was born, as a cozy accessory that will hopefully get to live on my new computer forever.  I am still testing it to make sure my laptop won't overheat (it can pop right out of the case if need be).

but it is a good representation of the nerdiest laptop case ever made, envisioned by a pretty big nerd of an engineer.


  1. Very nice, and nerdy:) I like that it's an actual case that stays on and not just one to carry.

    (found this on burdastyle!)

  2. Love the case, can you make a tutorial for this? :) Thanks! Really lovely!

  3. Thanks for the positive comments! Liza, I can try to make a tutorial for the case soonish!

  4. Another nerdy sewer! Nice to meet you ;) I just saw your case on Burdastyle and love it. Unfortunately, my laptop is an Acer and gets incredibly hot, so it wouldn't work for me....

    I've been toying with the idea of creating a print fabric that mimics my 96-well Alamar blue assay results when I get a hit: blue fading to purple and pink dots. How nerdy is that!? Only a fellow scientist would get it, and everyone else would just think it was pretty polka dots.

  5. I love the Alamar Blue assay idea!

    though I must admit, I am a little partial to the BCA protein assay which goes from green to purple...

  6. holy moly you are brilliant! Found you on burdastyle and your sunhat is top on my list of things to sew. THANKS FOR SHARING!!!

  7. This is AWESOME, I am not a math nerd and I really don't know what the heck this all means but really so much thought went into the design. Just well-thought out and well executed! Love it.


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