30 May 2011

My weekend...

Happy Memorial Day!  Pioneer Woman put up some beautiful photos on her blog of a "Coming Home" photo assignment, which really put the meaning of today back into perspective for me.

My long weekend was spent testing out my new sewing machines, signing up for the Summer Essentials Sew-Along, and beginning work on my first summer garment.

Here is a preview of my weekend's work.
linen jacket in progress

It is a light-weight summer jacket made of an ice-blue linen suiting and lined with a yellow cotton batiste.
linen jacket inside

I wanted the jacket to resemble a Chanel-style jacket, and am trying some of the couture techniques listed in Claire Shaeffer's book, Couture Sewing Techniques. These include quilting the lining to the outer fabric, and hand-sewing the sleeves, the trim, and all the lining seams.  The machine sewing is all done, but I have a feeling that the hand-sewing will take a while.
linen jacket sleeve pinned
Currently the sleeves are only pin-basted in, and I need to pick a trim for the jacket. I have a white trim and a blue trim to choose from, and I am also considering using the selvage edge of the fabric.
linen jacket trim options

I started with Simplicity pattern 3628, but removed the collar, shortened the jacket and the sleeves, and got rid of a lot of sleeve cap ease.

Also, I was sent these BEAUTIFUL pictures of a sunhat made by RAJ from my free sunhat pattern!  
hat 083
hat 085

This is the first piece of evidence I have received that my pattern is understandable to others besides myself, and her hat looks so good!  My weekend was totally made with this news!  It also gives me more confidence to try writing up some of my bag patterns.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Hi Lorenna,

    I love your jacket. It is interesting that you are quilting it as well - a nice decorative detail!

    By the way I blogged about Chanel jacket on my blog and on Burdastyle and am currently discussing with a group of other bloggers a new blog similar to Go Chanel or Go Home where we can do Chanel-inspired jackets as a group. Let me know if you are interested!


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