23 May 2011

My weekend...

...was spent playing with 2 new toys!

Allow me to introduce you to Veronica and Evelyn.

Singer 201-2
This is Veronica.
She is a Singer 201-2, built in 1952, and in near-perfect condition, with no signs of rust, and all of her decals in great condition.  She came to me in her original table and with matching stool.  All she needs to be in tip top shape is a new spool pin (hers is missing on top) and a new power cord.  I have been working to disassemble and clean her up, but she really doesn't seem to need much.

I wanted to find a machine that could handle multiple layers of thick fabric (for making jeans and sturdy bags), and I was disappointed in the lack of new sewing machine options, so I decided to look for something used, and in my research, it seemed like a 201-2 was the way to go.

Singer 201-2 attachments
She even came with her original manual and attachments, which makes her a total keeper.  She will probably live with me forever and ever.  Can anyone name the attachments in the picture?  I had to look all of them up but 2 (ok, I looked those 2 up as well, but my hunch was right).

Singer 99k
This is Evelyn.
She is a Singer 99k, built in 1956, and also in great shape with no signs of rust and perfect decals. I haven't been able to test her out yet, because her belt was totally torn up. She was really dusty, and took a while to clean, and she had the biggest pile of felted fibers stuck in her bobbin case that I have ever seen.  Some of them are still stuck in there.  Besides that and the belt, she should be ready to go, but I have a feeling she will need a good tune up and lube because of how dusty she was.

I don't have a need room for Evelyn, so she may go live with a friend or get sold after I am finished playing with her, and testing her out, but she was such a steal that I couldn't resist bringing her home.

Besides acquiring and playing with new toys, I put up a fence gate, and didn't get to do much sewing this weekend.

How was your weekend?


  1. I just found out, to my horror, that my mother THREW AWAY her Singer Featherweight from 1950s in a bout of house cleaning. Oh, the horror.

    I was hoping to steal it the next time I visit. :(

    1. OMG! THe same thing happened to me, except it was a WHITE featherweight! My grandmother loaned it to a somewhat crappy friend of hers who then threw it away.

  2. That IS HORRIBLE! I feel your pain! Featherweights are so hard to find, and expensive these days!

  3. Very cool! I love old sewing machines--my family gave me a 1916 treadle Singer for Christmas, I was so excited! I found you through craftgossip by the way :)

  4. I stumbled across your blog via Burda Style - I've just got into sewing. I've only made a few bags and a dress. I have an old Singer too!

    Do you have a pattern for the backpack you made? It's gorgeous!

  5. I just inherited from my late Mother, a "Veronica". It is identical and in absolute mint condition. My family has this way of owning things for years and years. But in the end, the stuff looks virtually brand new and never used. It weighs a ton+. I left it 500 miles from my home in the house that she left me. The house is for sale but what the heck do I do with this beautiful two ton sewing machine? Should I retrieve it before I sell the house? It's an eight hour drive and 200 bucks in gas round trip. Bummer, I think I'll have to kiss it goodbye. I am male, and I don't see a future as a seamstress for me!

  6. If I were you, and I had a beautiful antique sewing machine that I would never use, I would sell it to someone that could benefit from it. You can easily get $150-$200 for an antique Singer 201-2 that is in mint condition. There are plenty of people around that would be so excited to have it and use it.


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