17 May 2011

designs that multitask: part 2

Have I mentioned that I really like things that multitask?
Because I do.

And Sew Mama Sew posted a tutorial yesterday for a wallet that turns into a tote bag.
I may have to try my hand at making one of these.

I also wanted to give a sneak peek of my multitasking "Biking to Work in the City" backpack tote, which was inspired by Liesl & Co's "A Day in the Park Backpack Tote".

It is quite a different design than my original plan. I decided that I needed the bag to be narrower for it to be comfortable as a backpack, so I changed the aspect ratio (sorry, nerdy words).

You can see that I went through a number of iterations on the design before I decided to start cutting fabric for the first attempt. I wanted it to be a simple bag to make, despite the transformer nature of it.

Here are a few more detail shots of the in-progress bag, just for fun.

The bag should be finished in a day or two, and ready for a full reveal.

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