14 May 2011

needle organization

the most informative needle case
I call this The Most Informative Needle Book.  It solves a problem I have been combatting, which is to allow me to store all my needles in a single place (instead of keeping them in al their original packages), while also keeping the different types of needles easy to identify.

needle case cover
It also folds closed, making it easy to store without pin pricks.  I love having my stuff well organized.

It was inspired by this post from the Domestic Diva, and this item in particular.  I altered it to fit my needle collection needs.  It might just be the next best thing to sliced bread.


  1. Indeed, THAT is organisation...

    Maybe, one day, I'll find the courage to do that.
    (I'm just so happy that I finally had some way to check on my fabrics easily : I scotch a tiny piece of fabric on a page, with the nb of yard, price, and all I have to sew with (thread and so on...). Like that, I'll be able to evaluate how much it costs me... and how much I win by sewing...)

    Congrats, you are very organised.

  2. So, I just learned how to print on fabric, I think I will create this on my computer and then print it off then quilt it. Yeah, that works.


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