11 May 2013

Made Me May: Week 2

An update on MMM'13:

May 6: This is Simplicity 2255.  Probably the first button-down shirt I ever made.  
mmm51 mmm54
This one has a few flaws (the interfacing I used in the placket and collar causes most of them), but it is still a shirt I wear often.  I call it my Asian Lumberjack shirt, because of the combination of mandarin collar and plaid fabric.

May 7: Vogue 1314 made out of a silk jersey. I like the side gathers, the longer length, and the sleeves on this pattern.  I've been searching for more go-to knit patterns that could be used for work clothes and this one definitely fits the bill.
The dress turned out a smidge tighter than I prefer, but that is mostly because my silk jersey is not as stretchy as regular knits.

May 8: This me-made outfit it self drafted.  The skirt is the second garment I EVER sewed and the first one I made without a pattern.  It is made from an embroidered border-print cotton and lined with a sheet (I didn't have any hemming to do).
The top is a self-drafted pattern I made recently, finished entirely in french seams.  It's a very universal blouse, and goes with most everything in my closet.mmm65 mmm66
I did redo the zipper on the skirt last year, because my original attempt left a white zip showing, and a small gap between the top of the zip and the waistband.  It's all fixed now!mmm68
I hope your May is going swimmingly!

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  1. Lady, so pretty! I wore the skirt I made with you and K today to mother's day brunch at Cafe Luna...love it!


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