15 May 2013

A designer housecoat?

I made Vogue 1239 over a year ago, to use as a robe and swimsuit coverup.
It is meant to be a wrap dress, but I knew when I first saw the pattern that I would prefer it had a different use.  You see, if I am going to work hard enough to do all that topstitching, I want to be able to wear this thing more frequently than you can wear a high-impact dress.
And anyway, who wouldn't want an overlay fancy housecoat?  I made mine so that it could be worn with or without the belt.  I added a button closure to the front so that it can feel secure no matter what.
I used a very soft cotton broadcloth for the outside, and a floral cotton lawn inside (the same as is on the belt).  And I think its pretty obvious from these photos that I have not been ironing my housecoat.
But I do highly recommend Vogue 1239 as a well-executed designer pattern, whether you want it for its original purpose or for an alternative one!


  1. I like your approach to the pattern.
    Encourages me to put more effort into 'round the house' wear.


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