22 May 2013

A well-engineered strapless dress

I already gave you a preview of Vogue 1174, a dress pattern from designer Cynthia Steffe.

But I think you deserve a more detailed review.  You see, what makes this a stellar pattern is really the foundation inside this dress.

The only other dresses I have ever seen with an internal corset and boning have been wedding dresses. This one is sewn in with a top facing, and with hook and loops at the top and bottom of the corset.  Definitely makes zipping the dress up much easier!

I love that the inside of this dress is as pretty as the outside.  My corset is made from cotton broadcloth underlined with horsehair canvas and finished at the bottom with a strip of the outer fabric.  The next time I will probably try to replace the canvas with a sturdy muslin to make the corset a bit less stiff.
The invisible zip is quite hidden in the back.  And you can see the matching of my seams on both sides of the zipper.
I used flat piping on the bodice, but I left off the row that would go right across the bustline.  I also added piping at the waistline and attached the skirt like a normal dress instead of doing the paper bag-style skirt that the pattern envelope shows.  I thought this would be more flattering on me, and I am very happy with the end result.
In short, I LOVE this dress. It is a very secure-feeling strapless dress.  It does have a TON of pattern pieces, but it also makes it easier to fit.  The inclusion of pockets and an inner corset really set it apart from most dress patterns, and I am positive that I will be making another.

I highly recommend!

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