01 November 2011

Happy Halloween!

Hopefully everyone had a wonderful Halloween (if you celebrate Halloween).  We did some reverse trick-or-treating this year, which involves going door-to-door in costume and giving other people candy.

I made our costumes last year, literally in the course of 5 hours, the day of our friend's Halloween party.  I was a zebra and the husband was a cave man.

zebra halloween costume 
For my costume, I sewed a cylinder of zebra-print fabric, stepped into it, and pinned some darts into it. It was kind of like impromptu draping. Then I attached the neck piece and added a zipper down the back.
  zebra hair 
My hair was transformed into a mane with a banana clip (anyone remember those? they used to be cool in the 80s, and I couldn't believe they still sell them!) 

 But my favorite part of this costume was my purse: baby zebra 
My baby zebra has a secret pocket large enough to hold an ID, my phone, and a couple dollars for a taxi. Perfect for going out in the city! 

 Here is the caveman I married:
  cave man 
His costume was also very easy. Cut a hole for his head, drape the fabric over his shoulders, sew side seams, and cut jagged shapes in the edges. I used some leftover brown corduroy to make a club, which he then stuffed with a wrapping paper roll and some polyfil.  
He also got a matching backpack for carrying his wallet and keys. The backpack really came in handy this year for carrying extra candy while we reverse trick-or-treated.

Anyone else make costumes any costumes, whether for yourself or others?

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