03 November 2011

Oh Deer!

deer ornament
As it turns out, I've been planning some DIY holiday ornaments for a couple months now.  I have an ultimate plan of creating non-breakable and flat-packable ornaments, to save storage space when the holiday season is over.

I began pinning some inspiration on Pinterest knowing that I wanted to create some cute little reindeer ornaments (since they are representative of my last name).

I've had this beautiful red/burgundy leather in my stash for quite a few months, and I just knew I wanted to create some ornaments with it.  Leather is definitely NOT a traditional material for ornaments, but it seemed to be a perfect combination of durable yet "non-breakable and flat-packable".

But what? How?  First, let's look at some of my inspiration...
These little button reindeer from Martha Stewart were just adorable with their pipe cleaner antlers and legs
Here are some adorable leather ornaments, from here 

With these pieces of inspiration in mind, I took my leather, made the cutest little round reindeer shape I could, and added some ribbon collars and floral wire antlers.

deer ornaments deer closeups

I think they turned out quite well, if I do say so myself.  And in the close up picture, you can really see the texture of the 2 sides of the leather.  I love that these little dudes are reversible!

If anyone wants to make some, I can post a pattern and tutorial later.  They could really be made with anything that doesn't ravel, like felt or cardstock or vinyl.

deer ornaments packaged
But for now, these two little dudes are getting mailed to the west coast to live with a friend this holiday season.

And this little post is being submitted to the YHL Pinterest Challenge, so if you are looking for more DIY projects and inspiration, you should definitely check it out.

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