08 November 2011

Inspiration: Saddlebags

There is a reason why certain bag styles have stood the test of time.  Simple styling, functional design, and durable natural materials are just some of the reasons designers return to these timeless styles every season.

The leather saddlebag is a perfect example:
The saddlebag is a bag designed for utility and traditionally made with leather for durability.
Originally these bags were made to be attached to the side of the saddle when riding horseback.  These days, most saddlebags are made with cross-body straps and worn at the hip.

The smallest ones are a perfect size for carrying the bare necessities (e.g. wallet, chapstick and keys), or small electronics (think small cameras, cell phones, etc.) while the larger ones are useful for larger loads.  Saddlebags normally close with a flap and can be secured with either a buckle (traditional) or a magnetic clasp (modern).

Saddlebags are probably my favorite style of cross-body bag.  Rugged and durable, yet stylish and classy.

I've been working on some travel-worthy saddlebags, incorporating non-traditional materials and construction techniques into this very traditional bag style.

My inspiration (shown above) include the very classic brown leather with buckle variety, but also incorporate some modern elements like the metal embellishments, zippers, polka dots, animal prints, and chains that are present on a few of the bags.

I plan to show you my version soon...


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