13 July 2013

The Little Black Dress

They say every woman should have a little black dress in their closet.  And I finally have one in mine!

I must admit, I have been planning this dress for quite a while - first looking for the right pattern, then waiting for the perfect black silk dupioni to appear in my favorite discount fabric store, then testing the pattern my making a muslin out of some cheap dupioni, and finally overcoming my fears and cutting into my beloved black silk.

I only have a few pictures right now (I just finished the dress) but I know I will owe some detail shots a bit later.  The dress is made from Vogue 8532, an easy Vogue pattern that is now discontinued.  As I said above, the outer is made in a black silk dupioni.  The inside is fully lined in black silk batiste.

I do love the collar on this dress.  The dupioni was lovely to sew - it is so stable!  The only problem I faced was how much it frayed - into little black wisps that got everywhere!

I am so glad I did the fitting first - even though I made very few changes.  I originally planned to make the dress with sleeves, but the muslin showed me that the sleeves would be very stiff and restrict movement.
But it was a very simple dress to assemble - only 5 pattern pieces!  I changed the construction order a bit to make the dress easier to sew and easier to alter later if necessary (since I plan on keeping this dress for a long time).

So, now that I have finally filled a void in my closet, is there anyone else still waiting on the perfect pattern/fabric for their LBD?


  1. It's a gorgeous dress and it fits you so well! I have a pattern for my LBD and the black fabric already but I'm going to wait till I have an occasion for an LBD to sew it :)

  2. This dress is just stunning on you! Well worth the wait for this little black beauty...J

  3. Lady, this is stunning! Your years of hoarding and planning have paid off, quite handsomely.

  4. This outfit is just lovely and you are ever so talented - have enjoyed following your site and creativity. Thanks for sharing and happy sewing.

  5. It looks GREAT on you. I tried this pattern and it just didn't work for me....your description has been helpful, though... I have some ideas for a few adjustments... Thanks!

  6. How lovely you look in this. It really is perfect, and beutifully fitted.


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