17 July 2013

Denim + Leather = Camera Bag

I think denim and leather are a match made in heaven.  Both are sturdy, heavyweight fabrics that are often used to make long-lasting garments.  They are hard-working, non-pretentious materials, beloved by blue collar workers and the elite alike.  So why not bring them together in a bag?

I designed this camera bag for a recent trip abroad.  I wanted something diminutive in size (so not to be targeted as a tourist), but that would provide quick access to my camera, and that could be kept securely on my person, yet completely hands free.

The bag does just that!  It can be worn as a cross body when the strap is attached at the sides, and like a backpack when the strap is looped through the back D-rings.

It has a back zipper pocket for holding money, credit cards and other small valuables.

On the inside, this little bag was specifically designed to fit my DSLR camera with 2 lenses and an external flash (sorry I needed the camera to take these pictures).  Here you can see the padded compartments which keep my DSLR pieces safe.  It also has an inside zipper pocket on the flap for holding extra memory cards.

A close-up of the leather details.  I added studs to this bag for additional strength, since it is carrying such valuable hardware.

After almost a month of sustained use, I must say I am very happy with the outcome of this bag.  And even though I sized it specifically with my camera in mind, it makes quite a nice purse as well when the padded inserts are removed.  Isn't it wonderful when our creations turn out exactly as we imagine them?



  1. How could you not love this bag? You've made something lovely and useful.

  2. This is so trendy, really liked the color combination and design with lot of space. I think this will be a best addition to my closet. I love photography and my friends have found me always taking pictures, though I’m not so good in photography but I still like to take pictures. My mom says please someone hide this camera or this girl will run into woods to capture tress and animals lolz... Thank you so much Lorenna, for sharing such a beauty. I like to buy stuffs from online store, if anyone wanna have a look at the store check the link below.


  3. The lather bag displayed above is really beautiful. I have always been curious about lather bags and that is why I often attend branded bag sales. I have a huge collection of lather bags and most of them have been purchased from bags sales. Recently I purchased a brown leather bag form an online shopping store. As soon as I came to know that the website is offering Kilkenny orla keily bags for sale, I purchased it without being delay. This bag goes with each outfit.

  4. I want this pattern! i love this bag! will you be selling it soon? Please let me know!!

    1. Suzanka, thanks for the kind remarks! I do plan to release this and other patterns in the near future, so please come back and visit in a little while!


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