08 October 2011

Google mapping

This picture might not look like much, but it is pretty significant to my husband and I.

This is the google map satellite image of our wedding.  Do you see the rows of chairs set up on the terrace?  This is the only time in the 10 years this building has existed that chairs were arranged like so.

Which means, the last time they took a satellite picture of our building was on our wedding day. OUR wedding day is captured on google maps.

Now, based on the shadows provided by the sun, we can estimate the time of the picture to be around midday, 1pm-ish.  Right after everything was setup, but before our 4:20pm wedding.

If only it were a couple hours earlier or later, there would have been people pictured.  Family members and friends.

You might have seen my now husband showing our awesome officiant where he would be standing.
You might have seen my aunts stringing tulle along the chairs.
You might have seen us taking pictures with our entire family in front of the building.

You would not have seen the ball pit, but that can't be seen by satellite.

But I still think it's pretty cool that our wedding made it into google history.  What do you see when you google map your residence?

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