09 July 2011

a week away

The husband and I have been in California this past week supporting a family member who needed surgery to remove a tumor very close to the brain.  Everything seemed to go well with the surgery, although it was much longer and more extensive than the neurosurgeon expected. The recovery is looking good as well, so we plan to head back east pretty soon.

This past week also happened to mark our first anniversary.  All our nieces and nephews (we have a lot) said it was the funnest wedding they had ever been to, and I have to believe it was partly because of this.

wedding ball pit
photo taken by Jen Ing
You can't tell from the picture, but there are at least 10 people present, hiding amongst the colored balls. I do believe that every wedding should have a ball pit.

And happy anniversary to my wonderful husband. We didn't get to do much celebrating this week, though we were at the beach on our anniversary, trying to see how many nieces and nephews can fit into a single hole in the sand at a time.

feet in the sand

The answer was 7.


  1. Happy anniversary, lady. I'm sorry that it had to come during hard times, but know that we're all thinking about you and your family.

  2. Okay, I've been wanting a ball pit at my wedding, and everyone just laughs at me when I say that, but you have given me proof that IT WOULD BE AWESOME. Can I just ask you how you pulled it off (i.e. Did someone set it up for you or did you go somewhere with a ball pit?)

  3. Hi Gracie, we just so happen to have a ball pit in the building we live in, because some other people decided it was a better use of space than the "meditation room" that existed before it (though I still think it counts as a meditation room). I do know that a couple thousand dollars were spent to purchase all the balls originally, but I am sure you could rent some for a couple hundred dollars.

    I can readily admit that the ball pit went over well with many of the young adults present (e.g. our friends) as well as the kids at our wedding, and it really was a LOT of fun.


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