19 July 2011

designs that multitask: bag-spiration

I love bags that are designed with multiple purposes in mind.  And I love designing them.

There are quite a few cool designs out there that I admire and appreciate.  Here are some of my favorites:
I consider this bag to be perfect.  I've admired it for a while, and will probably break down and buy it soon.  It goes from shoulder bag to messenger, and has lots of inner pockets.

This is a really big bag that can be worn as a tote or a backpack, by Fuscht Bags

This is a much smaller bag with a great shape, that looks very comfortable as a backpack.

Here is a bag from Fluevog with a lot of potential for a being very cool convertible bag.

And as we know, this Oliver+S pattern inspired my own City Living Backpack Tote.
City Living Convertible Backpack Tote'

Right now I am working to design a mens' convertible laptop bag.  

My inspiration really comes from my husbands needs, but this bag by Targus is the closest existing design I've seen to what I hope to create, with some very important differences.

What are your favorite design elements on a bag?  Do you have bag-spiration?

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