14 August 2013

Work Wardrobe: Grey + Liberty

I've recently begun a new career, and with that comes a new dress code.  It was really exciting for me the past few months, as I planned out my sewing projects so that a significant portion of my career wardrobe could me self-made.

Some of the clothes you already saw during made-me-may, but many of them (the more dressy ones) have been sitting in my closet waiting for an appropriate occasion.  Now that I finally get to wear some of these clothes, I thought I might share them with you.

This was my "first day of work" outfit.  All self-drafted, all grey, relatively conservative.
The shirt is made from a Liberty of London cotton lawn that I picked up at my now favorite fabric store in London, Shaukat fabrics (the next time I go to London, I may take an empty suitcase just to fill up at that store).  I drafted it with pleats at the shoulder in place of darts, and I made a V-neck collar.  The buttons are metal, and spaced in paired clusters.
I am really proud of the plackets on this shirt.  I learned the placket technique from Vogue 8889, and then applied it to my shirt design.  It is a bit confusing the first time around, but by the third time I made this placket, it was a breeze.
The skirt is made of grey cotton twill, and is fully lined in silk (plaid silk for the waistband and crimson silk for the skirt lining).
When I was planning my work wardrobe, I was really nervous about whether the clothes I make would look professional enough.  But as I've been wearing them more and more, I am becoming more confident that my personal style is compatible with this new job.

How do you feel about wearing clothes you make at work?  Anyone else ever feel nervous at first?


  1. Very professional. Love the blouse https://www.facebook.com/SassySewingBees

  2. That's an amazing looking outfit, very professional and sophisticated! I wear my homemade clothes at work, but then I'm an IT geek so can get away with a bit more casual....

  3. I just bought that same Liberty fabric to make a blouse! It is nice to see one finished in that print. Lovely outfit.

  4. Lovely outfit. I like the v-neck of your blouse. It is definitely professional, not to mention probably better fitting than your colleagues' business wear!

  5. It definitely looks professional and so well made! I work part time in an upmarket homewares store so I have to wear all black and an apron so I haven't bothered making anything for work as my apron will cover up anything pretty that I make!

  6. It is looking very good and professional The fabric used for the dress is elegant. Such dresses are very presentable and are used to wear in offices and work place. This makes you presentable and give a good attire.
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