23 March 2012

Nano Case

Apple recently recalled its first generation iPod Nano's because of a possible battery problem.
Just in case you have one laying around, it's worth checking this page out.

In any case, I had one collecting dust, sent it in, and received a brand new 6th generation Nano in its place.

And these new iPods are REALLY tiny!  It practically begged me to make it a case.

So I made up a design on paper, one that requires no sewing and no closures.

Then I cut the design out of leather, and wrapped my little Ipod Nano in it.
It fits like a glove.  Now, I don't have to worry about dropping it or getting it confused with other Nanos.

I love the little hole for the headphones.
Here is the closure on the back, just a couple slits to hold a couple tabs in place
And it can still be pulled out easily to change tunes or charge.

I find leather to be one of my favorite mediums for crafting, especially when I don't have to sew with it.
This case took very little time to make and assemble.
And I am sure this could work equally well with wool felt.

What are your feelings on leather?  Anyone else get lucky enough to trade in their iPod?



  1. LOVE the efficiency of this design!

  2. Hi Lorenna, I was looking for a pattern of a nice Maxi Skirt and I stumbled upon your website and blog. And I must say I think this is my new favorite blog!!! I also love DIY and your blog provides so much inspiration!!! So please keep up the good work!


  3. hey i was just wondering what the dimensions for your designs are because i thought this would be such a cool present for someone but i don't know what dimensions you used! thanks xx

  4. YES I just found my old iPod Nano and I'm gonna totally trade it in AND I would love to make a new case like yours. I love the feel and beauty of leather but, man is it hard to put through a sewing machine. I love you way around that problem. Keep up the great work and congrats on finishing your PhD!


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