09 January 2012

Apologies for my absence

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and are excited for what is to come in 2012!

The end of 2011 was a little crazy with my needing an emergency eye surgery right before the husband and I took our little break.  But the break was very relaxing, and I am ready to get back into the swing of things, both with sewing and work.

This week I have been most grateful for my family.  I have a really big family and I love it.  You can't get bored when hanging around my siblings.  I got to see 5 of them this weekend, along with my dad, and it was wonderful.

But enough about me.  Let's talk about this blog.  I've been thinking about my goals for blogging in 2012.   Let me know what you think...

  1. Post twice a week.  
  2. Post pattern reviews.  Thus far I have focused mostly on designs I make, but I think there could be value in reviewing the commercial patterns I use for clothing.  I know that I check patternreview.com regularly before purchasing or sewing a new pattern, so it's only fair to assume that you do too.
  3. Shoes.  I love shoes and have been playing around with making shoes behind the scenes.  I want to share.
  4. More patterns.  I slowed down on posting tutorials and patterns at the end of last year, and I would like to rectify that.  I have a few ideas in the works, but I don't mind suggestions!

Anything I am forgetting?  What are your plans for 2012?  Are you excited or grateful about anything in particular?

I will leave you with a picture of this:
husky-corgi mix
My sister just got 2 husky puppies, and I would love to have one.  If only they would stay puppy-size.  But if you mix a corgi with a husky, you can get miniature huskies like this little guy!  So cute!!!!!

1 comment

  1. Maybe I could help by requesting a kindle case? :)

    (and that puppy is adorable! I cannot imagine raising two husky puppies at once, what a commitment)


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