21 August 2011

what happened to August?

My sister got married last weekend, and while I was spending my time trying to finish a few things, all of the sudden, summer was GONE!
Well, my sister's wedding was lovely, to say the least, and I finished her hair flower about 5 minutes before I put it on her head that morning.
It was also really funny when the limo my mom ordered came to pick up a bride and groom to go to their party, and everyone was in shorts and tshirts, because the wedding happened in the morning and the afternoon reception was casual dress.

Anyway, I am almost finished sewing a pink silk chiffon skirt for my sister (I just need to take it in an inch and then finish the waistband).

It is a fully silk version of the lengthening rays skirt that Anthro sells for $128 in polyester chiffon.

I also made myself one in a dark teal color, and I must admit that it really does feel very comfortable for everyday wear, yet also luxurious with all that silk flowing around you.

I will be posting a tutorial this week with hints for sewing on silk just in case anyone is interested.


  1. I would love to see your tutorial! I wanted to buy this skirt too, but I need it in a longer length. Plus my husband was not impressed with the price tag.

  2. please post a tutorial! I just bought some pink chiffon fabric and am trying to figure out how do sew a copy cat of the same dress!


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